Baltic Marché

All About the Self-Care Rituals Bundle


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Create a little ritual out of your self care. Each bundle will include:
- Herbal Soap by Apprenti Organik - 
- Body Polisher by Sayula - 
- Body Lotion by Apprenti Organik -
- Essential Oil by Lohn
- 7.5 oz Candle by Lohn -
- Matches by Lohn -
-Therapeutic Tea 25g by Baltic Marché -



Baltic Marché Therapeutic Teas are formulated with the help of Naturopathic Doctor Nastasia Irons.  Each herb is chosen carefully with intention for its healing properties and benefits. Each bag allows for 10 servings of tea.

Slow Down Calm Down made with chamomile, passionflower, lemon balm, oat straw and schisandra berries.  Take a deep breath and a little sip, allow your nerves to settle and put your mind at ease.

Digestif made with peppermint, cardamom, anise, ginger, and fennel seed. Enjoy the beautiful meal in front of you, then a little digestif shortly after. Allow your food to settle, your belly to relax and your digestion to begin.

Pick Me Up made with black tea, oat straw, ginger and schisandra berries. Gives a little boost to your day by increasing circulation and warmth, stimulating the mind, and elevating the mood.



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