Bamboo Charcoal Water Filter Regular


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A simple and beautiful way to have a perfect filter in your water. Bamboo Charcoal absorbs impurities from your tap water: chlorine, ammonia, toluene, chloramine, and other solids and gases. Lab tests also show that bamboo charcoal will absorb pesticides and other toxins. Carbonized charcoal also helps alkalize the pH of your water when it is found to be acidic.

Not chemically activated but treated at a high heat of 800 degrees Celius for absorption. Miyabi Bamboo Charcoal can absorb soluble substances, which makes it more effective as a water purifier than "activated" charcoal. Charcoal "activated" with chemicals cannot be composted, while Miyabi charcoal can!

The regular size charcoal comes in a variety of shapes and sizes between 2 cm wide and 5. Sometimes square, sometimes rectangular. Always unique and beautiful in your drinking carafe. 

To use: simply Drop three pieces of the carbonized bamboo per liter of water into your favorite carafe/bottle, decanter/canteen, and it will begin to trap impurities right away. Allow an hour for absorption before drinking water. Replace after 4 weeks.

After use you can; compost by adding bamboo charcoal to your compost. Charcoal will reduce odor and support microbial retention. It will easily break down in your compost pile. Or you can put it in your garden by smashing Miyabi Bamboo Charcoal and mixing it into your soil, where it will support microorganisms, enhance water and oxygen retention in soil, and make your plants healthy and happy!

Miyabi Bamboo Charcoal is made from bamboo that must be regularly culled in the Japanese countryside to preserve indigenous forests. However, binchotan charcoal is often made from the ubame oak tree, which has been decreasing in recent years, this is one of the many reasons bamboo is chosen. 
Started by Ramona when she brought bamboo charcoal from Japan to her family in Ojai, California, because their tap water was full of chloramine and simply undrinkable. It tasted and smelled like a swimming pool. They did not use plastic (no Brita), nor did they have the funds for a fancy filtering system. Bamboo charcoal was a savior, and she hopes that it is a solution for others.


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