Stereo Coffee Roasters



Stereo's holiday blend tastes like chocolate, marzipan, cherry and baking spices. This seasonal coffee is a medium roasted blend of a few of their favourite coffees and it pairs well with snowy days, cozy sweaters, and festive gatherings with friends and family.

The holiday-themed label was designed by local Toronto artist Jenine Paul, who is a self-taught artist of Guyanese heritage, based in Toronto. A painter, illustrator and block printer, Jenine also produces web comics for her brand Hand Drawn by Jenine. Over the years, Jenine has dabbled in various creative endeavours but regardless of medium, she always aims to create relatable art in vibrant colours.

12 oz bag of whole beans

Packaging is 100% omnidegradable - nothing to remove, breaks down in any environment.

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