Our 7 favourite sustainable swaps we've made at home and love.

 I’ve always been someone who asks many questions before making my purchase, humming and haa-ing about my decision. Maybe you could call that being intentional with the products that you bring into your home. I really want to love everything that comes in, no matter how small it may be. These objects are now a part of my living space and I want to love the space I live in. Although, sometimes what we want isn’t always what happens but no harm in trying, right?!

I try to find products that are sustainable, low waste, ethical, socially and environmentally responsible, and aesthetically pleasing. It can become pretty overwhelming at times to know if what you're looking for falls into any or all of these categories and “are you making the right choices for you?” 

I would like to say that being sustainable also means using and loving what you already have even if what it is may not be as sustainable as you’d like; it’s been created and it’s functional, so why not use it until the end?

That being said, when it is time to make the switch for something new here are my top 7 favourites:


1. Last Swab -  Reusable Q-Tip /Cotton Swab Instead of a Box of Single-Use Q-Tips 

I was actually so excited to try these for the first time. Instead of a single-use item that’s thrown away every time and comes in massive boxes of 100’s, there’s this little colourful case with a reusable ear swab that you simply wash with soap and water after use. LOVE!! It did feel a little different at first but what doesn’t the first time you try it? Especially when you’ve been using the same thing for as long as you can remember. It was a super quick adjustment and I wouldn't go back. They’re easy to travel with, they don’t fall apart, and you can stow them back in their cute little recycled ocean-bound plastic case when donel they take up very little to no space!


3.Shampoo Bars - Replacing Plastic Bottles of Shampoo and Conditioner

I’ve been using Bottle None’s shampoo bars for over a year and a half and I'm only on my 3rd bar, they last so long! I wasn’t sure how well a bar would work in my hair but I truly have nothing to complain about. The lather is unreal. So easy, you simply rub it in your hands and into your hair, and voila! It cleans my hair but never to that squeaky static-like clean, it’s just right with texture still in it. These bars are biodegradable and greywater safe so I’m never worried about taking them with me when I’m traveling; bonus that they’re not a liquid either! 


2. Well Kept Safety Razor - Swap For Your Plastic Razor

Black solid brass safety razor on turkish towelIt felt like I had just stepped back into my early teens and tried to shave for the first time when I took this beauty out for its first test drive. Talk about intimidating: why did I think a plastic triple-blade razor was not as scary as using this one? I guess because it’s been a long time since I tried a different tool to shave with. You can nick yourself with any razor if you’re not paying attention! This felt like an upgrade to my self-care routine, to my life, I almost felt a little more adult? Now I catch myself staring at this razor in my bathroom because it just looks so good! The shave is amazing and I love how the brand, Well Kept, has also made a small blade bank that is really like a safety box for your used razor so you don’t have to worry about how dispose of it. Once the little box is full you can even send it back to Well Kept, they’ll recycle it for you and send you a new blade bank in return!

brass safety razor and blade bank

This is a tool made to last you a lifetime and with its classic design it’s going to look stunning in your space.


4. & 5.  Onyx Airtight Containers and Stasher Bags - Reusable Food Storage

This is a double switch from containers and ziplock bags. Once swapping for the Onyx containers and Stasher Bags I couldn’t believe the simple relief I had not worrying about spills in my bag anymore. They’re both leakproof, it’s incredible. I even use my Stasher Bags as an ice pack over the summer! Both are so versatile and lightweight (my shoulds are thanking me big time) that there’s no turning back. Use them in the oven, freezer, and dishwasher; they’re non-toxic so there are no chemicals leaching into your food, BIG PLUS! Stashers with a few extra features can go in the microwave and be used to cook sous-vide! Seriously, what can’t you use these for?! If you’re not using them for food they’re also beautiful storage containers and look good on your shelves. They come in so many colours, whether you're a kid or adult loving colour in your life this is that little pop you can always have (or if you’re a neutral lover those are available, too!).


6. Ten and Co Swedish Sponge Cloth - Replacing Sponges and Paper Towels

I was first gifted a Swedish sponge cloth years ago by my mom’s friend because she thought it would look nice in my kitchen.

I wasn’t really sure what I thought about it at first but haven't turned back. They do look great in your home, they are compostable and can be used for so much more than just washing your dishes. I’ve replaced using paper towels for spills and cleaning my house with these; they work on windows and glass, too. To wash, you can easily toss them on the top rack of your dishwasher or in the washing machine when you feel like they need an extra clean. You can even get a little creative and playful with them since they harden back up once dry, why not try shaping them and see how that turns out! 

7. Xenia Taler Bamboo Plates Switch from Paper and Plastic Plates

I was using paper plates through the summer for BBQs, camping, park hangs and picnics but still feeling a bit guilty about it. They were always being used as single-use items, produced to just be used that one time and then discarded. I switched to these plates hoping I would find them just as convenient to bring with me and use all summer long. They exceeded my expectations! With so many beautiful designs you can choose patterns and colours for any occasion. They’re so lightweight and won’t shatter so there’s no stress packing them in a bag and taking them with you wherever you go, or even just using them on a patio and not worrying about dropping them.hat about kiddos running around? No biggie! These have become more than my outdoor plates, I love using them indoors as my everyday plates, too. They look amazing wherever you have them. How they’re made is also pretty incredible: instead of using new bamboo they use industrial manufacturers discarded bamboo, with excess scraps gathered from bamboo chopsticks and ground into powder to make these! Talk about upcycling some product waste.


Have you tried any of these products? What have been your favourite sustainable switches? We’d love you hear your thoughts and experiences!

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