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LastSwab Baby Reusable Cotton Swab Green


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LastSwab Baby is an alternative to the everyday cotton swab - especially designed for safe use for babies. Made to last 1000+ times. Use as you would any other cotton swab then simply clean using soap and water and store hygienically in its carrying case (which is made of recycled ocean waste plastic).

Doing something new always feels a little different at first but why not try something that you don't throw away every time you use it?

  • Reusable, replacing single-use cotton swabs
  • Lasts 1000+ uses
  • Case made with recycled ocean waste plastic 
  • Made with environmentally friendly materials
  • Packaged in a small recyclable box
  • Tested against RoHs directive
  • Based in Denmark

Care: Simply clean using soap and water. 

Made from durable yet flexible, high quality, and non-toxic materials, the rod is made with environmentally friendly nylon and the buds with environmentally friendly medical silicone, which are gentle on the skin and very easy to clean. The case is made of recycled ocean waste plastic.



Founded in Denmark by three product designers, brother sister Nicolas and Isabel Aagaard and Kåre Frandsen, who want to revolutionize how we view products by making traditional single-use products into sustainable, durable, well-designed and reusable ones. LastSwab was created to help end the single-use plastic pollution in our oceans and landfills  “We believe in actually changing the premise of products - by making long lasting reusable products to replace disposable ones. We strongly believe that the age of single-use plastic as well as the “use and discard culture" have come to an end”
After investigating many single-use items and before launching LastSwab, it became clear that eliminating single-use cotton swabs would have the biggest impact. It’s believed that swabs are one of the biggest single-use plastic pollutants without a solution. Every day 1.5 billion cotton swabs are produced and discarded after one use often ending up in the oceans harming marine life. Even paper, wood, and hemp cotton swabs aren't ideal. The CO2 emissions from the production and transport of these single-use cotton swabs are enormous for just being used once.

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