Facial Cleansing Bar


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A simple and balanced approach to cleansing delicate facial skin, this round soap bar packs organic rose hip oil, rose concret and kaolin clay for a fragrant, thorough but moisture retaining cleansing treatment. 

This bar is made to gently cleanse all skin types and remove makeup but we ask that you avoid direct use on eyes.

  • 4oz Bar
  • Natural ingredients, vegan
  • No harsh surfactants
  • Paraben-free
  • No hormone-mimicking ingredients
  • Ingredients sourced ethically and sustainably around the world
  • Canadian made

Ingredient: Organic coconut oil, organic rose hip oil, rose floral concret, rose damascene (rose otto), kaolin clay, vegetable glycerin, purified water, oat protein

Koalin clay is a powerful cleanser while rosehip oil has protective moisturizing qualities creating a well balanced thorough clean.

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