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Soap Dish - Travel Case


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The soap dish fits within the travel case!  Use the soap dish and lid day to day.  To maximize the life of the bar store on the soap dish and just use the travel case when travelling. 

Made from Canadian Recycled plastic including bottle none’s own industrial waste, these containers are part of a bigger change.  When producing a waste free product, their ingredients still come in single use plastic containers.  They aren't a big enough company to change how ingredients are shipped.  But what they can do is come up with a creative solution to use their plastic waste.  Their plastic is broken down and then re-created into printer filament that is used to create their bottles and shampoo bar travel/soap dish sets.  

  • Measures 14cm x 7cm
  • Made of 3D printed recycled plastic
  • Made in Canada

End of life plan: if you ever break it, or decide you don't want it anymore, just send it back to bottle none and they will break it down and re-print it into a new one. 


A sister run company in Vernon BC, making zero waste products and closing the loop. For the past 8 years they have been creating natural products that work, doing all of the manufacturing in their own facility to provide you a high quality product, made with integrity. They put a lot of work into their formulation and really understand the science behind proper hair care. Each bar is different but made to treat your hair right.
Their 3D printed travel case and soap dish are made with Canadian recycled plastic. If you break your accessories or don't need them anymore, simply send it back and they’ll reprint it into something new again - closing the loop!


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